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Jerzy Wasowski and Jeremi Przybora song contest
Songs written by Jerzy Wasowski and Jeremi Przybora known as Older Gentlemen's Cabaret, sounded in Primary School no12 on April 4th. It happened owing to the music contest organised there for students of primary school, secondary school and high school. Our school was represented by Karolina Kitlinska (class IE). Karolina was awarded 1st prize for performing the song "Embarras'
                   Jakub Gołębiowski ( 2d)
The success of our student
The student of class Ia - Przemysław Siemieniako became a winner of the competition "The fate of the soldier and the history of the Polish army in 1939-45" on the voivodeship level. It is a particularly great achievement because the topic of the competition exceeds the curriculum of lower secondary school. Przemek, as one of three students represented the district of Płock during the 3rd stage of the contest which took place in John Paul II Lower Secondary School in Warsaw. He competed mainly with 3rd class students. Despite that, he scored 89 per cent of the points and became a laureate.
 His success was supported by the history teacher, Ms Anna Rutkowska
Jakub Gołębiowski (2d)
Eco tour "The welcome pf the spring"

On March 22nd there was the 31st Eco tour "The welcome of the spring" The route was the trail in Płock: the ravine BrzeĽnica to "Sobótka" - Our team counselled by Mr J. Janicki, took 3rd place.
Jakub Gołębiowski (2d)
The first day of sprng
This year our school decided to celebrate the first day of spring in a different way than before. The teachers: Ms Iwona Kołodziejska,  Ms Jadwiga Kruczyńska, Ms Jolanta Malecka and Mr Rafał G±siorowski prepared some competitions for students. The event consisted of two parts. The first one was an eco-fashion show. The students presented their outfit designs. In this competition the best ones were outfits designed by classes 2D and 1B. The second part of the event consisted of different tasks regarding general knowledge on history, maths, physics, science, chemistry and geography. We thank Mr Sebastian Dorajczyk for his help in organizing the event.
Jakub Gołębiowski (2d)
Maths Competition
On March 21st there was a Maths competition for second class students which was prepared and carried out by M Jasinska , B Skorłutowska and B. Szymanska.
1st place was awarded to class 2D: Natalia Bawtrol, Natalia Zmysłowska, Tomasz Jarzyński
2nd place was awarded to class 2A: Wioletta Jeznach, Mateusz Durdasiak, Jakub Paradowski.
3rd place was awarded to class 2B : Mateusz Falkowski, Kamil Goszczyński, Patryk Lencki
Jakub Gołębiowski (2d)
 Educational project "Płock without any secrets - do you    
    know your city?
During the first term of the school year 2013/2014 the second grade students from the class 2D  with the  teacher Ms Jolanta Gostomska carried out an educational project "Płock without any secrets - do you know your city?" As part of the activities connected with the realisation of the project, the young got to know the history of Płock and the oldest monuments of the Tumskie Hill. The plan of the project was to induce  and encourage the participants to look at the loveliness of the place they live in from a different perspective.
Jakub Gołebiowski (2d)
Commemoration of the January Uprising
On the 22nd of January flowers were laid at a memorial plaque by January Uprising Cross and Sigmunt Obelisk. (This armed rebellion was 151 years ago).The event was accompanied by our school's colour guard and the students from the first grade (class 1A and 1F). The students from the class 2B gave some information about the January Uprising in Płock. The students were taken care of by Ms Jolanta Małecka, Ms Iwona Warszawska, Ms Magdalena Cyls, Ms Jolanta Gostomska and the deputy head teacher Mr Jarosław Janicki.
Jakub Gołębiowski (2d)
Duets competition
On  17th of January 2014 school number 6 in Płock organized the competition “Christmas Carols” Duets from primary schools and middle schools from Płock and its areas took part in this event. Our school was represented by  Kinga Koziorowska(1g) I Karolina Kitlińska(1e). Our duet won the first prize. Congratulations      
                            Karol Wójcik 2b
22 nd Finale of The Grand Orchestra of Chrismas Charity
The Grand Finale of GOCC takes place on the first or second Sunday of every new year. Sponsored by many Polish and worldwide companies, it is a one-day long, nationwide, money-raising event. On the 12th January 2014, the volunteers from middle school number 5 in Płock took part in the 22nd edition of GOCC. They went out on the streets of Płock and collected money in special cans which were labeled with a red heart. Our students  managed to collect 1867zł and 06gr. This year, money are going to be spend on the life-saving equipment for newborns and children but also for elderly people.
Karol Wójcik 2b
 Christmas time
Christmas in Poland starts on 24th December and it is very beautiful. There are many lights,decorations and Christmas trees. Christmas in Poland is wonderful. When the first star appears in the sky, families sit around the table where there are a lot of delicious Christmas dishes for example;  fish, borsch, dumplings . During this evening children get some presents from Santa Claus. The first and second days of Christmas are also very nice. A family meets again and there are a lot of fun. Of course nobody goes to work or school. Christmas is the time when people spend time with their families .
Merry Christmas everyone?
Anna Marjanyan(2nd grade-2b)
 Christmas poster
On 11th December " A Christmas poster " competition took place in our school. It was orgenised by Mrs Grouda. Students from class 1d and 1f made posters about Chrismas traditions in the UK. Here are the winners: Aneta Bombalicka, Andżelika Brzozowska - 1st place, Kinga RzewoĽnik - 2nd place, Alicja Brzeska and Olga Kosin - 3rd place. Julia Nowalińska and Weronika Rutkowska were awarded recogrition prizes. 

Patryk Lencki (2b)
 Santa Claus in kindergarten
On 6th December a group of students from class 1g visited kindergarten children and surpised them with sweet gifts. Kinderganten is temporary lacated in our school. Some children were brave enough to tell Santa Claus and his helpers nursery rhymes.

Patryk Lencki (2b)
The concert of our former student

On 5th December 2013 there was a concert in the Town Hall. The  occasion was handing the President of Plock’s awards  to children and youth for the artistic achievements. The prize was given to our graduate Sara Trafas. During the concert she was accompanied by Daniel Przyborowski from   3rd grade(3a) and Mr Sebastian Dorajczyk.
Wioletta Dobrzeniecka -2nd grade (2b)

Tesco Competition
The group of students who took part in the Tesco competition for schools is asking all the community of Junior High School number 5 in Plock for a daily voting on the film which was sent to the competition. To cast your vote you should be registered on the website: www.tescodlaszkol.pl . You should give your name, surname, the date of birth, your e-mail address and the place of residence. Then you should log in and vote on the film titled: "szalona piatka"
Gerard Paduchowski (3d)
Contest about Scotland
On 29th of November in our  school  there was a contest about Scotland. The occasion was Saint Andrew’s Day, the patron of this country.  The organizer of the competition was Mrs. Agnieszka Gruda. The contestants answered  the questions about the geography, history and culture of Scotland The jury was: Mrs. Kamila Biegańska and Mrs. Agnieszka Gruda.   Jakub Paradowski (class 2a)took the first place, Dominik Gostomski ( Class 3a) and the third place took  Gabriel Brzozowski (class 1b)

Wojciech Napórkowski ( 2nd grade-2b)
Lesson in the library "Chotomek"
On the 26th of November 2013 class 1b participated in activities organized by the library for children and young people ,,Chotomek’’ at Sienkiewicza Street.  The students were  under the care of Mrs. Ewa Łabu¶ and Mr. Sebastian Dorajczyk.
Ola Mańkowska(2nd grade-2 B)
 Night at school
On the 15th November class 2b organised a night at school under the care of Mr Jolanta Małecka, Ms Rafał G±siorowski and Ms Daniel Sieradzki. That night a lot of strange things happened at school. Apart from eating pizza, we found a mysterious letter. A mysterious person, unidentified until today, with the help of some clues, led us to different, sometimes extraordinary places, where there were various tasks, also mathematical ones. We managed to solve all of them. The whole event lasted from 6 PM to 6 AM.
Poetry Recitation Contest
On 8th November, 2013 at the District Office in Plock recitation contest was held to celebrate the National Independence Day. During the competition, it was possible to hear many interpretations of patriotic poetry. There were two students from our school: Violetta Dobrzeniecka and Aneta Bombalicka. Violetta took  the second place in her age category and the special prize in the contest. Congratulations!
 Kacper  Barciński (3rd grade-3e)
WORLD FOOD DAY - Not wasting food
The official World Food Day theme – announced at the start of every year by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) – gives focus to World Food Day observances and helps increase understanding of problems and solutions in the drive to end hunger. Our school took part in this event by organizing the Autumnal Debate about not wasting food. The debate was organized by the students from the Middle  school number 5 in Plock from the 2nd and 3rd grade (class 3e and 2b)  on 16th of October 2013. As  a part of the event students prepared the multimedia presentations and the  artworks connected with the celebration of World Food Day. After the debate students organized an exhibition of artworks. Furthermore, students designed the brochures which were sent electronically to all of parents of our students, teachers and school friends.  We also collaborated  in fund-raising for food with the Polish Red Cross from Plock.
Czerniak Aleksander (3rd grade-3d)
Meeting with Barbara Kosmowska
On the fifth of November there was a meeting with Barbara Kosmowska in "Chotomek". This woman is the author of such books as "Buba", "Puszka", "Pozłacana rybka" and " Niechciana".The writer answered the questions of class 3B in a simple and a very kind way.
Gerard Paduchowski (3d)
On the 29th of October,first grade students (class 1a) organised Halloween Evening.T here was a lot of fun.During the party we learnt about the history of Halloween.We watched a presentation prepared by Ania Kwiatkowska,Julita Cie¶lak and Natalia Sochacka.Then we had a contest for the best outfit.The winner was Piotr Lewicki but Adam Krakowiak and Ada Wroblewska were also titled.The climax of the evening was a horror show. The class room number 15 changed into a cinema room. During watching the film we ate popcorn and crisps and we could not stop from shouting with fear but our headteacher was scared the MOST!!!;)
Diana Bdewy (1st grade -1a)
Denmark here we come!
On 21-25.10.2013 sports class (2e ) under the care of teachers Mrs. Małgorzata Gronkowska , Mr. Agnieszka  Kalwasińska and coaches from our school and ZSP number 70 visited Denmark. We had a lot of attractions there. One of them was a visit to the match with Kif Kolding - Orlen Wisla Plock that we viewed from Trefor Arena in Kolding . After the game we had a chance to talk to the players and ask them a few questions. After an overnight trip we reached the boarding school ,, Stidsholt '', which was located in Saeby in Denmark. In this school, we settled for a few days. During the stay abroad we visited the town in which we accomodated, and various other interesting places. On Tuesday ( 22.10 ) we, along with Mr. Michael Christiansen,  were on a trip to the town of Saeby . The neighbourhood is mostly made up of small villages. There is really cool ! We drove up to the port , watching the beautiful sea . On Wednesday, our class visited a boarding school under the care of Mr Hans Hessellund in Aalborg . This school has given two six- month scholarships to Polish students, Next to it, there is a line park and a climbing wall, which is VERY high. The big attraction was that we could jump from it! Even the teacher dared.  It was an amazing experience. The next day the girl and the boys were training and sparring with colleagues from Denmark.. During our stay in the dormitory, we were familiarizing ourselves with people from foreign environment. We did well in communication. We played with them, for example, in the pool talking a lot to each other. On Thursday ( 24.10 )there  was an English lesson, which was based on the formation of the fours, two Polish and two Danish students . The students were given pictures presenting a Polish player or the President , etc. as well as the Danish famous people.  This way using English we were describing the images of our country and the well-known people. The lesson ran successfully. Unfortunately, the day of departure came and for this reason, we were all very sad because at this school and these people were great to hang out with. On Friday after night journey (we) young sportsmen reached Poland exhausted but with wonderful memories ?
Reading marathon
Ot the 28th of October  a reading marathon took place. The participants  were students from 1st grade. The book passeages from the A. Ochimowska’s novels were read by the3rd and 2nd   students: Julia ¦liwińska, Natalia Wi¶niewska, Aleksandra Czerwińska, Natalia Bębenista and Julia Błauciak. The The marathon was prepared by Mrs. E. Łabu¶, Mrs. E. Dobies , Mrs. J. Malecka, Mr. R. G±siorowki, Mr. P. ¦migała and Mr. S. Dorajczyk and a a part of the  International School Library Month.
                                Mateusz Roszak 3a
Students' government activities
Ot the 26th of October group of students:  Klaudia Misztal, Agata Wysibirska from IG, Paweł Zalewski, Aleksander Irzyk from IB and Daniel Żurawski from IF with the careers from students’ government – Mrs. Jolanta Malecka and Mr. G±siorowski encouraged passersby from Wielka Płyta’s  area to vote for our school’s project named “Scieżka Zdrowia” participating in citizen’s budget .
                                        Mateusz Roszak 3a
Tournament of volleyball

Girls volleyball tournament was organized on 23rd October because of The Independence Day. The middle school number 8, number 6, number 5  and the middle school in Brudzeń participated in this event.

 Here are the results:
1st place - Middle school number 8
2nd place - Middle school number 5
3rd place- Middle school in Brudzeń


Emil Cendlewski (3rd grade-3d)

Waste trackers
On the 15th of October class 2B took part in the workshops:"The waste trackers". These are lessons concerning the waste and knowing the beauty of nature.
Young people visited:
Recycling point in Gierzynskiego street.
The pavilion to the waste collection and segregation in Lachman street
The waste utilization plant in Kobierniki.
The students participated in:
the hiking in the nature reserve "D±browa Ł±cka"
in three ecological competitions organized by the guide.
The workshops ended with a common bonfire.
Gerard Paduchowski (3d)
see photos
The words flowing across the sky
Community Centre  in Plock organized the competition "Słowa po niebie płyn±ce" "The words flowing across the sky" for the secondary and middle school and students. The event was on  22nd October.  The participants competed in 2 categories: recitation and sung poetry. Kinga Koziorowska, our school girl (class 1G) and the school band "Marchewkowe Pole" got an award. Mr. Gabriel Sieradzki, our student Daniel Przyborowski(class 3A) and  Sara Trafas appeared as the accompanists.
Emil Cendlewski (3rd grade-3d)
Integration hiking tour for 1st classes
On the 4th of October  the integration hiking route for 1st grade students , their parents and form teachers was organized. The route led from Płock’s Winiary  to the forester’s lodge in  Brwilno. The participants of the hike had  an opportunity to meet portion of the Boleslaw Krzywousty’s  trail. More careful  observers admired the stately oaks, lindens and pines. The forester Mariusz Donwarowicz lit a fire for walkers. Baked sausages tasted very good. The presentations of individual  1st grade students were the biggest attraction. Students mainly used the possibility of singing their own songs about their grades. We are full of admiration of students’ creativity. Thanks for helping  in organizing of the route for   Mr. Artur Radzio. We  hope, that  present parents caught the bug and they will join in the next route in spring.
Mateusz Roszak 3a
 Workshops for the Primary school number 12

On the 27th of September   the  second and third grade students from junior high school number 5 in Plock conducted the science workshops. Participants of  the workshops were the  pupils from the primary school number 12 in Płock with their form teacher Mrs. Elżbieta Kwiecińska. Our younger colleagues  were also trying to answer the question “How to  consume less water?” and “How not to waste it?”.  They were doing quizzes and crosswords. Students from our school prepared  the presentation about ecology and  the waste recycling. The workshops were prepared by Mrs. Olga Zalewska, Mrs. Jolanta Malecka.

Mateusz Roszak (3rd grade-3d)
see photos
The Town Game
On the 25 th of September 2013 The Plock’s Library organized a town game dedicated to Stefan Themerson. Our school was represented by Daria Baranowska, Beata Jarzyńska, Ola Koralewska, Agnieszka Lewandowska and Klaudia Malinowska from class 3b under Ms Barbara Kowalska’s care. The members of the game were answering  the questions and were doing the practical exercices in the Mazovian Museum, Plock’s Library, The Synagogue and The Estera Restaurant.
  Aleksander Czerniak (3rd grade - 3D)
First grade students' Pledge of Allegiance
First grade students’ Pledge of Allegiance
On the 20th  of  September 2013 the first grade students of our middle school made a ceremonial pledge of allegiance to the school flag. Thereby they have become the members of the school society of  Middle School number 5. The ceremony had been prepared under the care of Ms Ewa Łabu¶. The participants of the ceremony  were also  the parents of first grade students, who we want to  thank for the attendance.
Jakub Gołębiowski (2nd grade-2d)
see photos
Sucess of our teacher
Mr. Bednarz – the Geography teacher in our school, is the winner  in the National Competition for teachers in designing  educational trips. We hope that Mr. Bednarz will carry his project out during this school year. Congratulations!
Katarzyna Lichocka (1st grade-1a)

 The highest standards in teaching
Three teachers from our school are going to carry out  a new teaching method - Problem Solving Maps. Its author is Dr Danilo Silias - the professor of Business Administration Department in Saginaw Valley University in  the USA, who has been using The  Problem Solving Maps in his work since 2002. Our teachers took part in the training course to improve their skills in using TOC method.
Jakub Gołębiowski (2nd grade-2d)

 National Reading
National Reading a national campaign which consists in public reading of the greatest works of Polish literature, dates back to 2012 and was originated by the President Bronisław Komorowski. Its main aim is to promote readership, draw attention to the necessity to care for Polish language and strengthen the nation’s identity. Within the scope of this year’s edition of the Narodowe Czytanie [National Reading] project, works by Aleksander Fredro will be read out loud in public places. On 7th September 2013 Library in Płock and Town Council are inviting to common reading pieces of Alexander Fredro. Students from our school will be talking part in this event. Come and support us! At 5.00-5.30 p.m. we are reading parts of “Zemsta”(“Revenge”). Your support will certainly help us. During the event our school will be represented by the class 2b under the supervision of Mrs. Jolanta Malecka.
 Karol Wójcik(2nd grade- 2b)
 Renovation of our school
During the holidays, when you – dear students were relaxing, our school was mastered by the repair crews, which goal was to  improve the technical standards  of Junior High School number 5 in Plock. Things which have been improved:
- didactic building and halls (also with driveway for disabled people),
new electrical installation on the 1st floor in the didactic building and in the  main building,
- toilets in the main building.
Mentioned repairs were funded by Municipality of Plock. A lot of other repairs were paid from the school budget.
The Headmaster Mrs Eliza Ogorzała wants to thank all the workers engaged in the renovation of our school..
We  hope, that final effect is satisfying.. We all should look after the daily aesthetics and cleanliness of the school.
Rafał Wisiński(1st grade-1a)


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